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Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is at the core of our business, as with many materials, concrete can degrade over time due to a number of factors – environmental, insufficient maintenance, impact damage, overloading, shrinkage or chemical attack.

The propagation of salts and contaminants into a concrete structure often leads to corrosion of the steel reinforcing. The expansive forces of the corroding steel reinforcement can result in cracking and subsequent delamination of the concrete surface

Our in-house team provides a full turnkey service for concrete repair; from survey and inspection and concrete breakout, to the replacement of corroded reinforcement, reinstatement of concrete and application of corrosion inhibitors.

Concrete repair services offered by Cappa Construction & Maintenance include:

  • Survey and inspection
  • Manual concrete breakout
  • Replacement of corroded reinforcement
  • Preparation of steel using abrasive blasting or grinding
  • Reinstatement by dry spray concrete
  • Reinstatement by Gunite Spray
  • Reinstatement by hand placement
  • Reinstatement using flowable repair materials and formwork
  • Application of coatings and corrosion inhibitors

Form Reo Pour

This process involves the planning and execution of formwork, reinforcement (reo), and concrete pouring to create strong and durable structures. Proper execution of FRP is vital to ensure structural integrity, prevent defects, and achieve the desired design specifications.

Our skilled team excels in all aspects of FRP, from initial planning and design to the final pouring and finishing of concrete. We utilize the latest materials and techniques to deliver high-quality results that meet and exceed industry standards.

FRP services offered by Cappa Construction & Maintenance include:

  • Formwork Installation:
    Expert installation of formwork using various materials such as timber, steel, and prefabricated systems to create the desired shape and support for the concrete.
  • Reinforcement Placement:
    Precise placement of steel reinforcement bars (reo) to enhance the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of concrete structures.
  • Concrete Pouring:
    Controlled and accurate pouring of concrete to ensure uniformity, strength, and adherence to project specifications.
  • Formwork Removal and Recycling:
    Safe and efficient removal of formwork after the concrete has set.

Crack Injection

This methodology is used to seal cracks in concrete slabs, walls, masonry, concrete block foundations and other structures, before selecting the materials to used it is important to know if the crack is static or live. If the crack continues to move due to thermal or load conditions then a flexible material will be required in order to maintain the seal. Static cracks can be bonded and sealed by injecting with a rigid material such as epoxy resin.

Cappa Construction & Maintenance are experienced in completing systems of repair for both epoxy & polyurethane type injection.

Polyurethane Crack Injection

Polyurethane Crack Injection is an effective solution for sealing and repairing cracks in concrete structures. This method involves injecting a two-component polyurethane resin into the cracks. Upon contact with moisture, the resin expands and forms a flexible, watertight seal. This process is ideal for addressing water infiltration issues in basements, foundations, and other below-grade structures. It provides a durable repair that can adapt to slight movements in the concrete, ensuring long-lasting protection against leaks and further damage. Our team of skilled technicians ensures precise application, restoring the integrity and strength of your structures.

Epoxy Resin Crack Injection

Epoxy Resin Crack Injection is a robust method for repairing structural cracks in concrete. This technique involves injecting a high-strength epoxy resin into the cracks, which then hardens to form a solid bond with the surrounding concrete. Unlike polyurethane, epoxy resin does not expand, making it suitable for structural repairs where strength and rigidity are paramount. It effectively restores the load-bearing capacity of the concrete, making it ideal for repairing foundations, beams, and columns. Our experienced professionals ensure accurate injection and thorough curing, delivering a reliable and permanent solution for your concrete repair needs.

Protective Coating

Protective Coatings

Over time large reinforced steel & concrete assets can suffer damage from; carbon dioxide, water and chloride resulting in corrosion of steel and subsequently loss in structural integrity. To protect these structures, coating systems are an essential to protecting these assets and prolonging their service life.

The most important step in any coating system is the surface preparation, Cappa construction and Maintenance can undertake surface preparation works for both steel & concrete structures, this includes abrasive blasting, grinding, & preparation of surfaces using pneumatic and power tools.

We offer a wide range of services for the coating industry these include:

  • Nace Survey & Inspections
  • Preparation of surface
  • Application of anti- carbonation coating
  • Application of corrosion inhibitors
  • Application of cementitious coating
  • Application of epoxy coating
  • Application of elastomeric and flexible coating

Structural Strengthening

Structural strengthening is the process of upgrading structures to improve performance under existing loads or to increase the strength of structural members to carry additional loads, Cappa Construction & Maintenance are experience in the installation of structural strengthening systems, these include.
Carbon Fibre
Carbon fibre wrapping is used to increase load bearing capacity of concrete beams, columns, slabs and walls, repairing or preventing seismic damage, replace damaged or missing reinforcing steel, it can be used also on new constructions to increase structural load and also provide long – term protection. Quick to install and with minimal impact the successful installation requires experienced and skilled operatives, Cappa Have carried out Installs to CBD Car parks & regional bridge
Plate Bonding
The technique of strengthening a structure by bonding steel plates to the external faces by using epoxy or bolting. Construction & Maintenance skilled team have completed such works on the Sydney harbour bridge and other bridge structures across NSW.

Specialist Civil Services

Cappa Construction & Maintenance offer a wide range of civil services across multiple industries, our experienced team come from a background of civil engineering & Large concrete construction. This experience makes a big difference for many of our customers as our ability to provide civil works in conjunction with our remedial capabilities offers a more complete solution for the project we work on.

Civil services offered by Cappa Construction & Maintenance include:

  • Grouting
  • Pile Strengthening Works
  • Bridge Construction Using Fibre Reinforced plastic
  • Bridge and wharf carpentry
  • Retaining walls / seawalls
  • Precision-grouting
  • Rail shutdown Works

Joint Repair Systems

An expansion joint or movement joint is an assembly designed to safely absorb the heat – induced expansion and contraction of construction materials, Joints are essential in concrete as it allows slabs to move naturally so as to not crack under the weight.

joints are subject to extreme pressures that the concrete slabs undergo during the weight transfer of heavy loads and vehicular traffic.

Cappa Construction & Maintenance have successfully completed a wide range of joint repair systems, to the sealing of water reservoirs using Hypalon bandage systems, sealing of fuel bonds, Storage tank & the repair of bridge deck movement joints.

Joint Sealing services offered by Cappa Construction & Maintenance include:

  • Repair of Expansion-joints
  • Bridge Deck Sealing
  • Hypalon Bandage Systems
  • Instillation of construction & movement joints
  • Sealing of Penetrations for fire safety
  • Chemical bond Sealing

Cathodic Protection

Corrosion is an electrochemical process that involves a flow of electrons (the corrosion circuit). Cathodic protection is a means of controlling the corrosion of metal surfaces by stopping the flow of electrons. There are generally two types of cathodic protection systems – Galvanic (sacrificial) and impressed current. Galvanic systems employ reactive metals to protect the metal surface (commonly called sacrificial anodes and are normally aluminium, zinc or magnesium). Impressed current systems use an external power source to provide the electrochemical protection.

Cathodic Protection services offered by Cappa Construction & Maintenance include:

  • Sacrificial-anode Instillation
  • Impressed-current systems
  • Hybrid anode systems
  • Ribbon Anode Install
  • Marine Anodes Install
  • Sacrificial metal coatings
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